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Added A Trike To The Garage

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My Dark Horse now has company in the garage. It's not an Indian but purchased a 2004 Goldwing CSC purple trike we are calling Gilbert (or maybe Barney). My wife had a incident on her bike with a car about 8 years ago and has never been comfortable on two wheels since. We have rented trikes a few times and she really enjoyed being a copilot so this weekend we pulled the trigger and purchased a trike. We were looking for something used,affordable (for a trike) and reliable. Not really used Indian trikes out there yet so I thought we would probably get an HD but after taking a couple Goldwings for a test drive I really like the longer wheelbase and comfort. The wife likes that her legs stay cool compared to the HD. Definitely wouldn't rule out an Indian trike down the road but I can't justify that kind of money at this time.






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Good for you two, life is not always black or white so a choice needs to be made and by the sounds of it you made the right choice. Congratulations are in order. Take care.

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I"m looking for an affordable trike as well. The Wings make great trikes, probably the best out there . I did find a Rocket III trike on ebay that I'm still looking at.


My wife wants to ride as well, but more comfortable and assured on a trike.

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