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Confederate Motors ~Now~ Curtiss Motorcycles

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"Facing The Risk Of Some Serious Backlash, Confederate Motors Change Its Name To Curtiss Motorcycles"



The company is now called Curtiss Motorcycles, after the famous aviator Glenn Curtiss.


Curtiss not only gained fame for going up against the Wright Brothers in the bid


to dominate the skies, but he also built and raced the first Vtwin & V8 motorcycles.



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The jackals trying to 'inherit' the earth again...history repeating.







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That one had Dan 'HOSS' Blocker sporting a trim look as the villain.


This one has Johnny Cash:






Ignorant Yankees are promulgating the notion that Confederate = White Privilege

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It must be awful going through life in such a state of weakness that mere words can cause great harm , I pity those people

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Because the racist people still believe what it stands for.

Thank you for that insight.

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