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Got my renewal notice on the slingshot insurance this week. Damned it it didn't go up from $255 to $325 for the coming year without so much as a "Sorry you haven't had a claim or nuttin' but yore insurance is going up anyway". So I call the little girl at the agents office and ask why. Course she don't know but she will check and call back.


Now all I carry is liability, cause it's the law, plus un-insured motorist, and under-insured motorist. No collision or comp. I figure I wreck it, I'll fix it with all the money saved from not paying for collision and comp.


This is Nationwide, ya know, Peyton's on my side.........................


She calls back with "it just went up because???"


But she shopped it with Progressive and guess what same coverage for $174 yearly.


Shoulda shopped it earlier.......................

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1 thing I learned,when having my Insurance agent quote new coverage,,is to call the insurance provider,a few day's later,(Progressive,Gieco,or who ever) u'd b surprised the difference.Last time 4 me was about $150.00 difference

Keep u'r agent honest.

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I figure all of 'em (insurance companies) are gonna end up fukkin one anyhow, so pay as little as one can up front.......................

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I always have had State Farm since I was a kid. Never have had a claim denied on home or bike. I know most hate them, I have never, ever had one problem. YMMV

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