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Ohio Bike Week

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So my summer is already getting f'd up 'cause our kids are too old to claim as dependants, and Uncle Sam is raping us like Klinton. Had to cancel our trip to the Dragon's Tail GRRRRR!


Ohio Bike Week is May 26 - June 4 (Grand Funk Railroad on June 2nd). Gonna try to go for the last weekend, and wondering if any of y'all will be there.


Death and taxes; which is worse?........

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Hafta chat with ya when the date gets closer. I assume you've been there before? Was thinking a one or two day trip, and I'd like to catch GFRR on the 2nd - Just ultra concerned about cash issues. $100 for an all access pass on top of food and a roof - yikes. Gotta be a cheaper way...

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Actually, never been up for Ohio Bike Week. My brother accidentally ran into it while trying to get a hotel a couple years ago. He said it was packed but a lot of cool bikes there. I'd like to check it out. None of my local (or cross country) rides conflict with those dates. Probably a day or two would satisfy my curiosity.

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