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Adam Kautz Memorial Fund

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I reached out to Adam's son, Christopher, offering my condolences and passing along the fact that he was remembered fondly on this website. We're spread all over the country, but I feel like I know all of you personally. He obviously was a great guy and I'm sorry I never had the opportunity to know him.

I know we had his sister and another family member on this site in the discussion. Christopher's response is below.


Thank you Tim. I know my father had a huge heart when it came to his love for Indian Motorcycles and his community of brothers. I remember him staying up all night waiting for the Iron Indian Riders website registration to open so he could get the first Arizona Member ID number. He spent countless hours on the rider forums getting to know folks around the world. I don't have access to any of those websites but if you're still connected with those I would appreciate you sending something to let them know of my father's passing. He was a great father and died too young. I can only hope that I can live as full of a life as he did.

Thank you for your support and as my father would have said, ride safe on the Roads Less Traveled; brother.


Since he asked, I thought I would forward his request to this forum since this is the only forum I belong to. So if someone has not done so already ( i feel certain some members have), please help Chris spread the word of Adam's passing. They're not going to ask, but here is the gofundme link again to help cover their financial need.




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