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911 have you see this?

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Checked out the website...First thing I saw was that they had the American Flag displayed upside down.  Please don't buy into this bullshit and don't aid into it's spread.  That's Michael Moore garbage....Least ways that's how this American sees it.  :veryangry:

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Sounds like something from the 'tin foil hat and kool-aid' crowd to me...
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The real problem with this is all the young college kids and high school kids are going to believe this kind of treason!!! I looked briefly for a contact and couldnt find one..it's probaly hosted or supported by muslims, another way to get us. Calling all hackers, shut these sites down!!!!!!


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We need to try people for treason.  Freedom of speech was never meant to allow treasonous propaganda to be spread.  It's amazing what kids can do with photoshop and other digital modification programs. :veryangry:
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Here's the WHOIS results


Domain ID:D104016492-LROR

Domain Name:LETSROLL911.ORG

Created On:23-Feb-2004 18:30:50 UTC

Last Updated On:01-May-2004 00:28:34 UTC

Expiration Date:23-Feb-2005 18:30:50 UTC

Sponsoring Registrar:R11-LROR


Registrant ID:tung3O0qWwl2H3Cp

Registrant Name:Phil Jayhan

Registrant Organization:Jump USA

Registrant Street1:4107 Lillian Street, Apartment 'H'

Registrant City:McHenry

Registrant State/Province:IL

Registrant Postal Code:60050

Registrant Country:US

Registrant Phone:+1.8153855924

Registrant Email:letsroll@letsroll911.org

Admin ID:tung3O0qWwl2H3Cp

Admin Name:Phil Jayhan

Admin Organization:Jump USA

Admin Street1:4107 Lillian Street, Apartment 'H'

Admin City:McHenry

Admin State/Province:IL

Admin Postal Code:60050

Admin Country:US

Admin Phone:+1.8153855924

Admin Email:letsroll@letsroll911.org

Tech ID:tung3O0qWwl2H3Cp

Tech Name:Phil Jayhan

Tech Organization:Jump USA

Tech Street1:4107 Lillian Street, Apartment 'H'

Tech City:McHenry

Tech State/Province:IL

Tech Postal Code:60050

Tech Country:US

Tech Phone:+1.8153855924

Tech Email:letsroll@letsroll911.org



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Directions to make this easier.




You are at Chicago,IL.    






Go N on La Salle St for 110 feet    

< 0.1 miles    





Turn left onto Randolph St    

0.7 miles    





Turn right on ramp to I-90 W (I-94 W, Kennedy Expwy W)    

0.1 miles    





Continue on I-90 W (I-94 W, Kennedy Expwy W)    

23.6 miles    





Bear right onto off-ramp to IL-53 N    

0.2 miles    





Take IL-53 N Ramp    

1.2 miles    





Continue on IL-53 N    

5 miles    





Continue onto EXT IL-53 N    

1.5 miles    





Exit onto off-ramp to E Lake Cook Rd    

0.5 miles    





Continue onto E Lake Cook Rd    

0.8 miles    





Bear right onto US-12 (Rand Rd)    

10.2 miles    





Bear right on ramp to IL-176 (Liberty St)    

0.1 miles    





Bear left onto IL-176 (Liberty St)    

1.7 miles    





Continue onto IL-176    

1.8 miles    





Bear right onto River Rd    

3.8 miles    





Turn left onto Charles J Miller Rd    

1.3 miles    





Turn right onto IL-31 (Front St)    

1 miles    





Turn left onto Lillian St    

0.1 miles    





You are at 4107 W Lillian St,McHenry,IL    



Politely knock on the door of APT. H...

And be sure to shove THIS up his ass:







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Never mind, somethings you can't post....

How about this?


815.385.5924:  HIS home phone


815.385.9438:  his FATHER's home phone.


The lead to his step-mum was a bust...but it turns out his birth father is a Vietnam (era) Vet...


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You know Badcad is right , this is the kind of shit that liberal and leftwing teachers and college professors profess! And who are they're listeners , none other than our youth , who have never been anywhere . Unfortunately , these same Academians have never been outside the US either!


One thing is good and Im glad Zolkaf found this site , because we need to know about these kind of left wing probaganda houses! Im not saying go out and watch Michael Moores films , I havent seen his latest film and never will ! People in Germany didnt have to see film or print from Joseph Gobbels to know it was bullshit . But to know it is there , thats the key, if we know its there we can stop it!

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You guys out in IL need to knock on his door

We gotta ride coming up this Saturday.


I think we could make his house a stop on a poker run.


I'll talk to some of the boys in the outfit.



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On that site I found the video they advertise "911 In Plane Site" and I down loaded it.

It's pretty f*cking good I think. Commie Pinko Bullshit? Truth?

Left Wing Propaganda? You decide.

The vid is about 110 meg and lasts about 1 hour long.

I loaded it up on a FTP (hope this works) for those interested. If you have a cable connection it should'nt take to long, about an hour. The pc is mostly on so if you can't get in, try again.

the IP is

and the U/P is IIRA/IIRA

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The scary thing is these idiots are riding next to you or coming at you from an intersection in their cages while your on your bike.
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