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Hamc frisco poker run

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I thought I would give you guys a quick recap of the HAMC Frisco Poker Run that was held yesterday. 9/13/04.


Okay, so I had never been on this one until now. I will tell you this was the craziest fuckin' biker run I have ever been on. This run takes off in pack and doesn't stop for anything. I mean every stop sign, red light, trollies were braking to let us through.


The streets of San Francisco were alive and well with 2000 bikers riding 70 mph on city streets. You get to the stops and it's wheelies, burnouts, high speed chaos, standing figure eights, and circles, meanwhile the cops are standing around watching everything applauding all the action.


The Angels and everyone else stopped traffic, no help from the police. I assume they won't give the HA's a permit. They again just sat back and watched the whole thing go down.  


Then you add in a coastal stop, a strip joint, a bar, and then onto the SF Dog Pound with live band, steak, chicken, raffle, more burnouts, dirtbikes ramping the parked scoots right in the street, more burnouts, several Road Kings fall over during  several different burnouts, pick it up, straighten the crash bars, fire up another burnout, and go, go, go!


Total Chaos. If you have never been on this ride, I would do it at least once in your life.


I finally felt like I had been to a wild, old school biker run with all the things that now seem to just be lore. Not the tame as b.s. that happens everywhere else you ride too. Chi-Chis, beer, and biker insanity for sure.


Only saw 7 Indians all day. That was kind of a bummer. I wore my colors. No issues or problems. Only one IRG patch, didn't see any IIRA patches.


Anyway, just my two cents.



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I was wearing my IRG patch.  You know that big furry one! It took some getting used too when I first put it on.


Anyway, I was a member of IRG before or around the time IIRA was formed. At the time, I did not fully agree with the reasoning behind the formation of IIRA and stuck with IRG. Plus IRG is pretty strong in northern cal and IIRA did not offer any chapter to join in our area.


Nowdays I don't really care which group you ride with. I just consider us all Indian brothers, just members of differing tribes.


In some ways we compete for membership I suppose, but I also believe we can support each other through our runs and event planning.


As an example, I have requested the clam chowder run be put on our run event calendar next year as a weekend campout and Indian ride to support IIRA from a local chapter  perspective and to meet some of the SoCal guys that I have communicated with on this forum and enjoy shootin' the shit with.


Of course, there were a few grumblings from some of our older BOD guys who, well lets say, had a few run-ins during that period when IIRA was formed and the split happened.


Thinking back on it, it was a hard pill to swallow at the time, but my philosophy like I mentioned is we are all brothers Indian and none of us have a factory anymore so lets just get on with ridin' and swapin' Indian stories. And lets not even go into the grass roots effort we all need to keep ourselves in some of the parts.


I have considered a membership in both groups, but I don't know all the IIRA rules. Are there local and national dues?? just national dues?? just local dues??


It would be interesting to see the reaction  from some of my IRG brothers if I showed up with a IIRA front patch and IRG back, similiar to some of the IIRA Vests only in reverse.


Plus I don't need a tow package. After National IRG stopped for a awhile I had to pick up my own tow package through my insurance so I am in hurry to pay for that benefit a third time either with IRG National or IIRA.


Anyway, enough said.



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I am a member of both groups as well as several others Motorcycle Associations. Only these two have tow packages.


A few months back the IIRA started offering an Associate Membership for non motorcycle owners or people who did not want/need the tow benifit.


You get all the membership stuff (Vest/Sleeve Patch, IIRA Pin, I.D. Card, Quarterly Newsletter mailed to your door, etc) except the Road Side Assitance. If you decide you want the RSA in the future there is a chance to "upgrade".


$35.00 / yr  Associate Member (Non Motorcycle owner)

Dose NOT include Road Side Assistance (RSA)

You may upgrade from an Associate Membership to a full membership for an addition $20 anytime during the first 9 months of being an associate member. Your full membership would start on the date of upgrade and be valid for one year from that date.


I would say MOST of the IIRA guys and Gals I ride with have both patches on their vest/jackets. I was never a supporter of the issues that caused problems between the group. I use to get shit for sticking up for the IRG back in the day.


I prefer the more laid back attitude of the IIRA but that is me. Others like the more formal running of the IRG (or at least it was formal). Both are fine groups that had problems in the past, both are  still growing through some issues and will hopefully be around for a long time no matter what happens with the Indian brand into the future.


As far as IIRA dues. Only national dues are required. Local dues are decided on a local chapter level. Some do some do not have dues. I do not beleive that any of the California chapters have local dues.


To learn more about the IIRA click here!! :bvictory:

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Our stories mirror each other.  Just flip the IRG for IIRA.  I was down here in LA trying to get an IRG chapter started as all the BS started with the Board and IMC and the dealerships.  Needless to say, there still isn't an IRG chapter in Los Angeles.  I stayed a national member and ran with some of the IRG clubs from further south.  Then they started getting into the politics and every tide was a bitch fest.  I've been on this forum for a good, long while and waited to start the  Los Angeles Chapter of IIRA.  Never looked back and never looked down on anyone wearing an IRG patch.  I've got both on my jackets and vest as well.  While I did feel like the IRG let me down on several points, I never, and will never, take that ot on their membership.  The way I look at it, if I do, I loose people I get to ride with.  It's as simple as that.

Glad to hear you've had a good time with the rally.

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I agree with you in a lot of ways I just don't look at it as, "I loose guys I get to ride with." My philosophy has always been I will ride with whoever the fuck I want or whoever will have me whenever the fuck I want too.


So I am saying that who cares if there is a blending of patches out there in the pack. I just want to see more Indians riding together.


I catch some shit from other club members sometimes because of a few 3 patch guys I ride with from time to time. "Don't want that bad element around the club." Well you know all 3 patchers aren't really criminals and quite frankly if we think like that then they could very well say we are urban, yuppie biker fags, which we know ain't true.


Anyway, yesterday it was you guessed it 26 bikes of which there was only one Indian. Me. Thats 25 Road Kings with the same saddle bags burning down the highway. I sure must suck to be parked in a row of 10 Black Road Kings and have to look for your license plate to know which bike to ride away on. I exagerrate I know!


So back to my theory. The other thing is if you go out and support other groups they are more likey to come and support your events. Of course, I would never expect the HA's to come to one of our runs, but when I go on these big runs I get a chance to see other smaller chapters of HOGs, other 3 patchers, and MC's I have never heard of  and generally I meet good guys that I sometimes ride with in the future.


I guess that is it for now. Sorta go on a rant and now the rant done run out of my head>


I am enjoying my time on this here forum. BTW, it is terrible for my work load, but I am surviving. Might just up and get me an avatar one of these days. If I can figure out how to do it.



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