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Just a fraction of the people that 335 Indian Lou has brought together over the years, spending some quality time before he and Deb head out to write another chapter in their lives down in Florida. So many could not attend and I know that they had some important reasons that kept them from being there. Just like the rides over the years, always someone new to me showing up to travel the roads of CT, NY and Mass. I always looked forward to the rides and who I might ride along side of for the day. They all cycle through over time, sooner or later you learn the names and their quirks, never gets old. Lou's list of Indian friends (and regular folk) seems never ending, I can attest that he treated all of us the same, need a tool-come and get it, need to repair something or create something-he'd do that do too, need parts-sure thing, need a trailer come and get it, shoot the breeze you got it.


Sure we all know he is here on the forum or a phone call away, but in real life there will be a huge void in our lives for us here in New England. Gonna be different for sure. I often wondered how he does it, such passion for our motorcycles and friendships he created. He'll modestly attribute it to timing, or he say he'd just put it out there and who ever showed showed, I think otherwise. Surely wasn't' just the Indian marquee, it's Lou's ability to have a good time, people like being around him. I guess he's just a natural at it, or he just cared more.


We all know that Lou is a great guy, but I wanted to express this here because this is where I came to know him, I can't un-know him, so sure as hell gonna miss him! As for the rides, we will carry on and try to emulate the inimitable. Ride on!


Lou, you're an amazing individual and I'm honored to have ridden with you, thank you!



Respectfully ,



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:I-Agree[1]: Lou & Deb are some great people that I have had the pleasure of staying with for a week or so, I plan on visiting them in Florider

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Florider you jest can't spell right. Where did u go to school?

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