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Partial Knee Replacement

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1.5 years ago, I had my meniscus trimmed. It has slowly deteriated since and now I have good and bad days. I get reffered to the other doc who does replacements. I meet with him and he has a cancellation next week. If I didn't take it, I would be looking at 2-3 months out.


How many have had one?

How soon can I ride?


I think this is the first time I am actually nervous about going under the knife.


Sucks getting old!


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Are you doing a total knee replacement or partial?


Knees seem to rehab much slower than hips. Shoulders replacement rehab longer than knees.


I had a left total hip, and was only in the hospital 2.5 days. I responded so fast ( to my own treatment ) that I skipped physical therapy. (I wouldn't suggest that to a non medical).


Just do your therapy and you should do fine. The initial couple of weeks are a hassle, but just part of the healing process.

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I had makoplasty, a robotically assisted partial knee replacement on my left knee, a couple years ago... I was driving in 3 days... I think I got on the bike in a couple weeks... Only because it was my left knee ... But recovery was quick... In 2 - 3 months I was hobbling on a racquetball court... In 6 months I hobbled much less and after a year I'm playing and moving pretty well....


The arthritic pain was gone immediately and I could walk almost pain free from the gitgo.... I am active again because of it... I hope it goes as well for you...

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I am doing the partial. I limp and hobble now worse than before the meniscus repair/trim. I will be religious about the rehab. I just want off the pain meds.


I will let you know how I am next wednesday. If something happens, my kid gets my 03, until he can learn how to ride better. My brother gets the 15 for a few years, then has to give back to the kid. HAHA

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