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Another Dealer Service Survey

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I'm doing another Indian Dealer Service Department Survey.


The reason for this is that many of our dealerships have been established long enough to get their shit together, so I want to give them another chance. Also, service departments either improve or degrade with time and employees coming and going.


So what I need is:


  1. The dealer location: the city, state (country if other than USA).
  2. The dealer name: Sometimes there's more than one dealer in a city, so I need a way to differentiate them.
  3. Your 1-5 rating of the SERVICE department, with 5 being the best, and 1 being the worst.

EMAIL this information to: indianroads@outlook.com


It will help if you make the SUBJECT of the email to be "Survey".


I'll be publishing this survey on the http://indianroads.net/index.html site.




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,,, it smell like an IRS job to me - LOL !!!!!!!!!!


Probably so... LOL


My wife actually worked for a company that did surveys, and their two largest customers were the IRS and the DMV. Talk about government wasting our money!


These surveys were run every year, and the company knew that in order to keep their customers they would have to show some positive results in the survey. So they would "fudge" the results such that some improvement was shown in one area, but not others.


I mentioned the IRS surveys to my accountant once.. and he started laughing... I had never seen an accountant laugh before.. Anyway, he said she could write a book with the comments from the survey and it would be a best seller.

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