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It's the picture THEY don't want you to see. The circles illustrate what THEY don't want to explain.




Pull your tinfoil hats down tight. Between the picture and the article, many questions are posed which THEY don't want asked

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I dont buy the conspiracy theories that are rampant on 9-11 terrorist attacks.

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If we only knew 1% of what really goes on we would all take a dive off a tall building . Our government is shit

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No one wants this to be true...




Exactly and,


there's video too !


Stand by,

we'll see what happens

within the next few days or weeks,





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Yeah.....and the moon landing was faked too. I saw it in the movie "Capricorn One".......

Yes that is true, but you miss the larger point. You are of course aware that the moon landing was faked to cover-up the Alien technology we recovered from the crash at area 51.

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