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Future Roads Made Of Recycled Plastic ?

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They already have the technology to make roads last 20+ years without repair but they'll never do it for the same reason the "Lego" roads will never come to fruition: It will put the road construction industry out of business. Many of these road construction companies depend on roads needing repaired about every three years and they can stretch some of the more extensive jobs into multiple year retirement projects.


Making an efficient and long-lasting roadway network will significantly reduce the number of construction companies, highway workers, dump truck contractors, road engineers, asphalt/concrete production and most alarming and unacceptable to the government, reduce federal and state DOT agencies, affiliates and employees. So, don't anticipate anything like this happening in the US anytime soon.


By the way, they've also created grass that won't grow higher than two inches but it will never be released for the same reason: Landscapers and companies producing mowers and lawn products would die a slow death.

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The concept of the industry going out of work is flawed. There are plenty of roads currently unpaved. Also, sewage, water and electrical are always tearing up the roads.


It's a matter of COST. Get the 20 year roads at a NET COST below the current 'cheap' surfacing, and it will happen.

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