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Once A Gas Tank Issue, Always A Issue.....

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I had a 1998 CMC 88". When I received this there was never a consistent time or fuel level when bike went to 'reserve'. And it seemed I was never able to scavenge all the gas after going to reserve. I , (as I had made a warrant claim ), replaced the fuel petcock (pingle) via Indian, as they had now purchased CMC. Now, 3 Harleys later, I bought a new Indian. 5.5 gal tank....low fuel indicator isn't @ all consistent either as to how much fuel is remaining. IE. there will be anywhere between 3.6 and 4.2 gal. to fill up. So.....yesterday I ran out of gas.....put a gallon in and 5 miles later filled 'er up. took 4 gallons. I still have the impression I am not able to scavenge 'down to the fumes'. But.....once the indicator goes below the O in the fuel gauge, this unit runs out of gas. I 'spect they may be between .7 & 1.0 gallon of gas unusable. @ 130 mi., the CMC needed gas & 140 mi. my new RM with trike conver, is about to run out.


Not whining. It just brings back a memory of my having the SAME issue with the SAME manufacturer 13 yrs later... so I am grinnin'

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Glad you are happy with your wheels, Jed.


The electrical fuel pump needs a bit of gas to act as a coolant for it's innards don't burn up I reckon.


Watch for ruts on those mountain roads that wanna lead you over the edge.


Best Regards, Doc

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Did you say over the edge? Ya there are some on here that are over the edge. :ooh2:

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Yours came with a RUT???


Didn't notice a rut...came bored & stroked with social restrictors in the pipes though.







makem own spirits

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