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Glendambo Annual 2015

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left 21st headed towards roxby downs arrived that evening, met up with other like minded people had a night on the grog. left next morning to meet with others at pimba, had lunch then rode on to Glendambo for a night of fun and frivolities. returned 23rd to rainy old Adelaide. great ride as usual. fuel usage as follows left home full tank of fuel rode to port augusta 189.125 miles fuelled up at bp took 3.89 gallons, next stop Roxby downs bp 162.125 miles fuelled up at bp took 3.86 gallons, next stop Glendambo bp 140.6 miles fuelled up at bp 2.86 gallons. night on the grog with great friends then return to where we started from. 170.9 miles to pt augusta fuelled up bp 4.04.gallons then onto home 189.125 miles 3.67 gallons. total ride came to 851.95 miles, 18.32 gallons of fuel = 46.50 us miles per gallon. chieftain rode extremely smooth and trouble free except for the last 40 mile, engine warning light came on and stayed on all the way home diagnostic code told me front cylinder oxygen sensor probe faulty. been to dealer yesterday all rectified now. top speed took bike to 125 mph by speedo @4,200rpm by garmin gps speed was 121.5 mph @4,200 rpm did that on the last 8 mile into Glendambo, bike was very light on front but very stable.

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I'm not sure if I need Longrider or MickDaNewf to decipher this post for me. Lil help !


I don't really care about the gas mileage part....


I'd like to hear how "the grog party" went....


I always thought a grog was a really large draft beer ?


I think he stated he was on a grog or in a grog with "like minded friends !


I can't be the only one who would like to hear more....

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Normally, "The Grog" is a container in which everyone pours whatever they're drinking. Drinking from the Grog could incur any combination of beer, hard liquor and moonshine all combined.....usually to the drinker's detriment.

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on the grog is consuming a large amount of alcahol for an extended amount of time, the 125mph part happened once the photo shoot happened after the railway bridge ride over the last 8 mile to Glendambo. reached that speed very easy but the frontend of the bike was starting to float on the road surface at that speed (125mph) so backed of to 100mph for the last 4mile, the bike was holding the road comfortably at the reduced speed of 100mph.

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