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Just want to give a heads up to any vets here. I had a CT Scan done and they found a mass on my pancreas at my local VAMC in Manchester NH. None of the VAs around me do the procedure I need (the procedure the VA told me was to have a biopsy. The biopsy was to have a needle inserted in my abdomen and then remove a piece of the tumor to be examined), so I opted for the Veterans Choice Program. I started this process in mid May and just recently got an appointment. I was sent to a medical center in Nashua, NH. When I got there, the nurse did not know why I was there. I explained everything to her and the doctor. The doctor said they did not do the procedure. So he made an appointment at the Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts. That was this past Tuesday. See the doctor and he told me no one does that type of biopsy anymore and haven't for some years. What would need to be done is to remove part of my pancreas. He also said that because of the tumor being in the tail of the pancreas, the spleen may also have to be removed, but not sure at this point. I am scheduled for an MRI on the 28 July.


Anyhow, enough of that. The reason why I am posting this is not for any sympathy, but rather to make you other vets aware of the system being broken. The Veterans Choice Program is not a choice....you go where they tell you to go. Even at the VAMC's ask every question you can think of. When they discovered the tumor on my pancreas, they failed to tell me about a nodule on my adrenalin gland...so be careful...don't let anything slide. Take nothing for granted.


The system is broke and no one is going to fix it.

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God Bless you and hope all goes well. I got on medicare and gave up on the VA, due to piss poor service and delays. I've heard a lot of stories like yours.

My thoughts:

The VA doesn't pay shit to attract good doctors.

The grunts that work there really do care, but their hands are tied due to gov't rules.

(kinda like obummer-care, huh?)

They are really overloaded with the workload. (Wait for 3-4 hours for your 8 am app't sound familiar)

They should give all the vets a premium health care card, honored everywhere, and let the vets get their medical care whereever they choose.

Do away with the VA medical clinics since no idiot would ever go there again if they had the above medical card.

Impeach obummer and fire all his staff and underlings.


Good luck.

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I was approached twice by the VA to work for them in KC as a chiropractor at the hospital. However, I turned them down. I did agree to become a preferred provider offering highly discounted services which the VA is to pay I have billed about $700 (normal would have been about $1200) and haven't seen a penny of it in six months.


It's good that at least the veterans did better after care whether I got paid or not.

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hearing stuff like this makes me sick of our government , obama riding around on that guzzler jet ,vacationing constantly ,bribes, kickbacks the list goes on ,it just plain SUCKS

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