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Put in whatever the sidewall of the tire says. It may or may not correspond with the owner's manual depending on the brand/size/composition of the tire.

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Old L, I'd stay with the recommended psi for the '15 Roadmaster.


When I rode the Roadmaster & Chieftains, the Dunlop Elite III tires seemed to hug the pavement really well.


What are your preferences or concerns?



Just a side note:


Metzelers need a minimum of 44psi rear & 40psi front.


You will feel the road on Metzelers.


Doolops, Michellin, Avon, etc do not need the higher psi ranges of the Metzeler.


Metzelers can delaminate at the belt or tread due to low pressure operation.

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My Metzelers say 40Psi max on the tires


Dogone Rob it , your 19" front tire may very well say 40psi for max load rating ~ the Scout is a lighter weight bike.


The rear tire most likely states 50 psi max load like mine does a 16" X 130mm Metzeler ME880 tire.


My ME 880 130X16" front tire states max 42psi at max load.



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Well. it depends on you year bike and your weight,

but 36/42 works good for me (2000 Chief)

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Suggest younbuy tires according to loading for your bike and what you carry on it. Air pressure per the sidewall marking.

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Yep, go with what the sidewall says.


I got tired of rolling the bike around to find the sidewall rating, and never quite remember it.


So, I wrote it on the rim with a sharpie marker, next to the valve stem.

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