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A very thankful tribal shout out to any and all Indian riders that made it to our charity run today!!


For those that didn't you missed a great ride and a great Indian bike run.


We had 75 bikes show up and one all female club, the "She Devils" out of Oakland, that crashed the party with another 6 riders about 3pm. We had aprox. 50 Indians, 20 HD's, and 5 other manufacturers, plus the six She Devil HD's.


The Jessie James Tool Box was won by a guy out of the Gilroy area who did not attend and is not a biker per say. The DC Riders played some blues with one of my personal favorite blues standards, "She Caught the Katy" included in one of the sets.


The raffle went well along with the Poker Hands. High hand went for 250, low for 100.00, and the 50/50 was 300, 150 split. The prizes were diverse with my personal favorite the 3 brake resevoir tops donated by Warpath.


At the end of the day, we closed the day by handing our charity a check for 5000.00, which was all profits after our club expenses were covered!!!!!


Lastly, I would just say I am proud to own and be associated with Indian MotOcycles and the people that ride them. It is where I like swappin' stories and just enjoying my summer days.


Thanks again to all riders who attend today, all who thought about it, and all who supported us through this forum and by word of mouth.


BTW, our long distance rider came in from Mesa, Arizona. Now that is a long solo haul on Vintage.


P.S., he was an inaugural member and in our chapter through 2003!!!!! Like I always say, "it's where I like swappin stories..."






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:bthumb: Ya did an excellent job putting a fantastic ride together Pablo '94'... ridin weather was at it's best..the sun coming down through those tall Redwood's... what more can ya ask for...!!  God's creation was at it's best Sunday.. Looking forward to our next ride brother.!!  Be Safe.... :bhi:
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