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Washington Expands Measure On Phone Limits While Driving

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From the Tuesday, March 11 edition of The Seattle Times . . .




"Smartphone functions such as surfing Web, Twitter would be banned"


"A bill to expand Washington's texting-while-driving ban to include all cellphone use while driving except for certain hands-free functions passed the Senate 35-14 Tuesday."


"Amid debate, those in opposition to the bill pointed to behind-the-wheel habits they said were as dangerous as using a phone: eating burgers and milk shakes, fumbling for dropped items and calming frisk dogs, to name a few."


Calming frisky dogs - I'm not making this up.


"Senator Jim Hargrove . . . said the bill targets technology, not distracted driving."


Senator Hargrove is an authority on the "which came first - the chicken or the egg" debate.


"But many in support of the bill . . . sponsored by Senator Ann Rivers . . . said cellphones are worth targeting because they're to blame for many distracted-driving accidents."


" 'I've had people say, 'You're impacting my personal liberties' and I understand that' Rivers said, referencing the general argument made by Hargrove and others. 'But at what point do we allow the personal liberties and the safeties that other people enjoy be impacted because there's a text that just can't wait?' "


Senator Rivers is my nominee for the 2015 Washington State Legislature Common Sense of the Year Award.


"Washington's current law was passed in 2007, when smartphones were less advanced and ubiquitous."


"It banned texting while driving but not surfing the web, or using GPS or Twitter. The new bill would allow a hands-free mode to make calls or navigate with GPS. Talking on phones without being hands-free is already illegal in Washington . . . "


"Senator Don Benton . . . said the bill would make insurance rates sky rocket for those ticketed under the new law, and said high insurance prices might force people to drive uninsured."


"King rebutted: 'If you're worried about your insurance rates going up, you drive without using your cellphone."


The article didn't specify who "King" was, but I suspect he's the doctor in the vaudeville routine that goes . . . Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this. Doctor: Don't do that.


The bill "has not yet been assigned to a House panel or scheduled for a hearing."


It's nice to see that we have such a mix of those with an astute command of the obvious along with complete morons, regardless of political affiliation.



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Now, I'm a nimby-pamby bleeding heart socialist communist liberal public-teat sucking scum who is opposed to capital punishment, but I think the bill should go one step further and provide for summary execution for these cretins.

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