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Was Heading To The Pch Now Rain Where To Divert?

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Wife and I were heading for a ride on the PCH this weekend and of course we pick the weekend with rain. So you SoCal members have any possible scenic rides further south. Looks like south of LA the weather will be better. Highway 1 south of LA seems like a possibility. Thoughts? I need help saving this trip.

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Well, on the wife's demand we stopped at St George UT and did Zions Park today. It's a ride we have done many time but it just never gets old. Absolutely spectacular ride with lots of tight turns cliffs going 1000s of feet straight above you and eye popping color. Glad she made me do it. No one was there really and there were some roads open that usually they only let the buses go into.

Had to do some antiquing as well but all in all with a little pat pat thrown in a great divert from the plans. We will be heading for Paso Robles tomorrow. Hope it quits raining there.

Thank you Last Resort for your help.

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You heading over to the left coast is perfecting timing.. Starting tomorrow (Monday)... Final rain pushing through today (Sunday).. by next weekend, 75-80 here in Central California.. Paso just a few hours South of here.. good riding country with lots of wineries..

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