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The Mother Of All Malls Protesters Part Deux

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The Mother of All Malls (Mall of America Bloomington, MN) was subjected to protests today. The mall is so large, Bloomington PD has a station there...






There is a store where the workers walked out with their hands up....should be some jobs available, but probably won't....

Don't believe anything you read or hear unless it is consistent with what you know to be true or unless you have taken the time to research the matter to prove it's accuracy to your own satisfaction - Neal Boortz


It amazes me that in this generation of connectivity people blindly believe anything they are told. Does anyone do due diligence anymore????

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Lush Cosmetics was the store that the employees stood and protested. Lush has come out in support of their employees and said business is better than they expected as a result of the protest. So if any of you guys are using Lush (not being one).....


The Bloomington City Attorney is compiling the losses by the stores, the cost of the added security and may file a lawsuit against #blacklivesmatter (which I guess is a real organization, and not just a hashtag....whatever that is) to recover damages. They are also looking at video to see what individuals were instigating/prolonging/leading and may file suit against them as well. The City Attorney will only say the dollar amount will be staggering. I don't expect anything will come of it, but is a breath of fresh air that someone is taking a stand....

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