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Online Complete Issue #318 American Iron Free Trial

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Check it out:




try this...it's a link to the newest American Iron Online magazine...complete issue.


I got it on my screen ~ hope you can access as well.


You may have to register here:




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That's for posting this.


I used to subscribe to AI many moons ago.. beautiful customs and some great fabricators.. most don't seem like bikes anyone could or would ride much though.

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yep, I subscribed back in the '90s till about '07 when I started to buy only the issues that interested me.


The mag would deliver about 2 weeks after the newstand issues hit the shelves.


Another reason to just get the raggs I wanted and leave the rest. :nod:


At one time I subscribed to Easyriders, In The Wind, Ironworks, Indian Illustrated, Walnecks, Street Chopper, Hot Bikes, Iron Horse...


I'm sure I'm leaving some out...


Still like walnecks a bit:










Think they'll like these bars?






1952 RoadMaster found in Walnecks


Find some good stuff in there from time to time but the staff gets most of the good stuff b4 we can jump on it. :oops:

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