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Corruption .....

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Damn. Go Canada and Australia!

The U.S. color surprised me. I expected yellow.

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The key word in the graphis is "Perception".


Corruption is very bad in this country, but it isn't overt. The media being in the government's back pocket hides most of what's actually going on from the public.


Also we have the guise of a free-society/democracy with the illusion of our election process. The people behind the throne run the show, and we elect only figure heads.. on the rare occasion when a scandal makes it into the public eye the figure head pays the price but the power behind the throne remains as it was. We elect only those that are approved by our masters, and those who are elected follow their masters directives.

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There is no corruption in this country. I only say that because I am afraid what will happen if I don't.


Unfortunately, we have seen what happens when you stand for something. Speak out against the government, get investigated or audited. Speak out against any liberal cause, get harassed unmercifully. Speak out against a certain religion could get you killed. The harassers are very well funded and can ruin finances, families and lives, if you survive at all.. And the media is complicit in this.


We have heard ad nausea about bakers that have lost their businesses because they won't bake a cake for a gay wedding? Did anyone hear about the gay bakery that would not bake a cake that had a socially unpopular message on it? Of course not...it did not fit the narrative.

Why any conservative would run for office is beyond me. Pilloried in the press, subject to intense scrutiny (Did you know this guy used to crap his pants a couple times a day?, Yet failing to mention he was only 3 months old at the time). Want to be an ambassador somewhere? Buy it by donating money. Want access to a politician? Buy it. Want to avoid harassment from the government? Donate enough money to the right causes.


Corruption? We don't have any stinkin' corruption!

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