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Another Knocking Out Pipe Plugs, With A Easy Way To Do It.

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Check this tool out, you do need to pull pipes to do this so the plug will come out of the clamped end.


On this first one I tried the whole drill and slam just a piece of pipe in there, waste of time,




On this one, I made a spear out of a 6' piece of 3/4" pipe, one really hard slam with the point of the spear, popped the insert, done, no work at all.


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What do ya think... better... as good as stage 1...

Well, I jumped the gun on posting I guess, as I have not put it back together all the way yet, my neck needed a break, and some pain meds. Still recovering from the spinal fusion. I will post back for sure.

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Yes, it is awesome, I imagine with a new AC it will be quite a bit better performance of course, but I do notice a small performance increase, and the new sound is just right for me. Also, there used to be a kind of feedback knock ( don't know how else to put it ) at the header pipe, and that is gone ! Yes ! Wish I woulda done it sooner, but I was way to busy riding :moped::Rulz[1]:

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