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Gilroy Was There!

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Hell of a trip! 6200 total miles, 19 different states-22 total over 16 days with 60 fill ups and countless shots of Jim Beam. Can’t tell you how many compliments I got on my 03 Gilroy!...freaking awesome to say the least. The people and the sights blew my mind.


I traveled Rte 80 to Rte81 and ended up in Harrisonburg, VA for the first night. I couldn’t believe that I was setting out to cross most of the country alone, and prolly got 3 hrs sleep all night.

Set out on Rte 33 through George Washington National forest for a hell of a ride thru twisties, beautiful scenery and historical landmarks; stopped at Seneca Rocks for lunch, then continued to Weston and picked up Rte 79 thru Charleston and rested at Cross Lanes, WV for the night. Had enough daylight to run through Charleston and up /down the river for some sightseeing…the locks, bridges and dupont were pretty interesting!


Picked up Rte 60 and followed through to Versailles, KY and stopped in at the Woodford distilleries for a quick tour…had no clue how old their operation was…amazing. Wish I had more time to explore the Lexington area. Picked up the Blue Grass Parkway and ended up at the honeysuckle inn, Moutain View, MO, after traveling through the Ozarks taking in the beautiful scenery and smelling all of the campfires everywhere. The next day I crossed the Mississippi River on Rte 60 with a really cool old bridge and then eating at Mollie’s Landing in Catoosa, OK for some serious rib-eye steak.


Picked up 44/40/66 in Springfield, mo and begin peeking into what remained of the ‘mother road’…took me through Tulsa, Oklahoma City, El Reno, Elk City and onto Amarillo, TX, Tucumcari, NM and then to Albuquerque-lots of great photo ops along the road…some towns are vibrantly surviving some not so much, the people were all the same…full of smiles and plenty of time to talk!


Took a pic at the Volkswagen ranch in Conway, TX rode 1/8 mile and phone was gone…1.5 hours later found it in a crevasse in the road…I was searching the weeds and thought I heard a rattlesnake, the sound was actually from hundreds of grasshoppers making the same chechecheche sound. lol


The Pow Wow Inn has great food and cold beer in Tucumcari and the TeePee Curios shop has some great gifts if you’re ever there! Route 66-what a blast to the past!...too bad the future killed.


I had a beer on the Arkansas River at the blue rose in Tulsa then headed to OKC memorial at 9pm. I’ll admit that the emotions that the memorial elicited from me that night were inimitable and I’ll remember every toke of my best seller as I studied all the dedications tied onto the fence which seemed to protect the individual headstone-esque monuments that occupied the space on the other side. The memorial is open 24 hours and if you ever get to go…visit at night. Walk around the reflecting pond and read the chairs…I parked at the post office across the street, and as I walked the area in and around the monuments…it seemed liked time was frozen there...I left around 1am.


Cadillac Ranch was fun, too windy to spray paint, but what the hell…took a few hundred miles before the pink paint wore off my bates..lol. Had a burger and shiner bock at smokey joe’s in Amarillo and hung out with some very cool locals which loved my Gilroy. Saw 2 dead armadillo’s on the side of the road…cool I guess, but not for them.


Off to New Mexico, where I helped direct traffic at an accident site under the ‘welcome to New Mexico’, apparently a woman parked her car under the sign for a photo op…she ended pinned under her dash as she got back into her car and was struck by another vehicle…no fatalities, but I think she was brain-dead before she got out of the car to take the photo!


I hit Albuquerque then shot up to Farmington for the night, very pretty section in NM including the Rio Grande, Santa Ana historical area and some very exciting foothill twisties. Had breakfast with an old friend that lives there then I took off for Colorado. He said to me that as soon as you enter CO, it’s like someone turns on the color, like in the movie the wizard of oz…he was right. Stateline=Technicolor!


I traveled:

Rte 550 million dollar highway Durango to Ouray to Silverton Red Mountain Pass

Rte 50/285/24 Gunnison to Buena Vista Monarch Pass

Rte 82 Granite to Aspen Independence Pass

Rte 82/70 to Rifle then Rt 13 to Craig then Rt 40 Steamboat Springs and onto Kremmling Rabbit Ear Pass

Rte 34 Granby to Estes Park/Loveland Trail Ridge Road SPECTACULAR!


Stayed the night in a really old hotel in kremmling, then gassed up and noticed an oil leak under my bike…took an hour to determine that the rear shock shit the bed. Made a few calls and decided to ride through to Sturgis. Lou 335 had his original shock and brought it down to his office, my son picked it up and my brother over nighted it to Sturgis and was at the hotel 5 hours after I checked in. Lyle and Stan at Speed Pros in Piedmont, SD switched it out for me. 15 minute job, with an hour of shooting the shit…great guys that know their stuff.

(met a fellow at the summit in Rocky Mountain National park, gave me Speed Pros number)!


Lost my floor board rubber mat somewhere in Fort Collins, made a wrong turn onto Rte 287 there and ended up past Laramie instead of Cheyenne, caught Rte 34 to Wheatland then to Lusk then 85 to Sturgis. Rte 34 ended up being a really nice ride, ran it at dusk and the curves & colors were pretty good. RIDE COLORADO!


Checked out the street activities down town Sturgis, Indian’s presence was an understatement and there was a strong buzz about the new bikes. Incidentally, I was at Indian Sturgis and a fellow looking at chiefs saw mine and asked the salesperson ‘what’s that’? I like that one best, I’d like to see it. I was rolling…lol. The Knuckle and One-eyed Jack’s took most of my whiskey money when I was downtown, and was pretty cool to drink and smoke a cigar while watching the activities!


Ran Iron mountain Road, Custer Park, Needles Highway and spent some time at Crazy Horse Memorial, Deadwood and Hill City too during the 4 days there…stayed at the Iron Horse Inn, Whitewood. Great staff and since it’s a bike motel, the guests were unsurprisingly personable. J Saw a red and 02 black chief? leaving the motel, didn’t get a chance to talk to him…he gave a shout out to me at the stop sign (nice bike)! And as I turned to thank him…all I could say was nice bike!...lol.


Monday I packed up and got out of Sturgis, I’ve been to Wall drug , so I stopped there again to browse around, then crossed the street to visit the Wounded Knee museum, got to speak with Gus Yellow feather for quite some time and learned that I don’t know shit about what happened there. I also stopped in Chamberlain, SD and visited the Akta Lakota museum & Cultural center on the Missouri River, figured it would be good source for some reading material and I was right.


Hit Jackson, MN and spent the night…met an odd couple Greg and Michelle in the parking lot, kinda weird, they were there in the morning as well. We spoke both times…good people, she just buried her father Michael of Michaels steak house of 40 years in town. Funny, I got off that exit looking for a steak house…


Next morning I stopped in Albert Lea, MN. What a great town! I was on a quest for the best breakfast around, when I found it…a woman turned the sign over to closed as soon as I turned off my bike. I pleaded with her doing my best Fonzi impression and she let me in. I asked for eggs and she said I’m doing burgers now..lunch. I said I’ll have 4 eggs over easy. She said “if the eggs taste like “SHIT” it ain’t my fault. I laughed out loud. I love the Minnesota accent. On the way out, she said thanks for making me let you in…we had a blast. Diana’s diner, they got the best bacon and best service!


Pretty much made a bee line home, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and PA was pretty uneventful, with the exception of driving the skyway in Chicago…talk about near death experiences. Stay out of there…never again, safer on a racetrack.


Got back into town wee hours on Thursday. Rode 750 miles in 13 hours the last day, running from South Bend, Indiana to CT. Good to be home.


One quart of oil, some bolt torquing, carb adjustment, rubber floor mat, spotlight bulb, a shock and a whole lot of cleaning gave me a trip of a lifetime which included crossing the Ohio, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Rio Grande and Colorado rivers! Joe’s build performed as it should and man…what a blast to ride….every freaking day for 16 days…what a dream horse!

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Wow! Sounds like you had a great time and I'm glad to hear your Gilroy was up to the task. Not sure how your ass held up to all that riding.....especially the last 13 hour day. :ooh2: Sorry I missed you when you came through Ohio but based on the weather, you made the right choice to stay south. Congratulations on an awesome adventure! :outdoor:

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Awesome , anyone thinking if the Chicago Skyway or the Dan Ryan. It's highly dangerous on 4 wheels much less 2


Glad you had a safe run

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I'm Jealous. I'm glad you made it back safe and your baby didn't disappoint.

The noise from the trees you experienced in TX was from cicadas. They look like a 2" long house fly. They're part of the summer experience here in the south and can get downright noisy.

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Awesome. I had plans for a big ride this summer, here I sit in theLazy Boy.

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Germany Valley in West Virginia Rte 33



Seneca Rocks West Virginia



Versailles, Kentucky Castle for sale for 30 Million



Woodford Reserve Distillery



Central City, Kentucky



Kentucky Dam


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I missed the exit for Missouri and ended up going over the Ohio River into Ill...took the photo, got gas and did a u-turn. Cool error.


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got the bike blessed in Missouri















and counted my blessings in Texas

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ya got enough shit on that rack?

had to carry a freakin cigar humidor and a couple of pounds of protein powder. Maybe that's what broke my shock! lol or maybe the rack weighed too much! lol

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