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Monica's working a D.O. conference in Branson last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so I go up 'bout noon on Friday and we're out driving around and go by Hunter's Friend Resort, and surprise, surprise,there's Mike's Neiman-Marcus sittin' out front like it is actually being ridden, instead of tucked under the eave of the office as usual.


We visited with Mike a little while and he and I talked about doin' breakfast Saturday morning, and I was gonna get a picture of the bike to attest to this unusual event.


Well, there's some difference in the traffic on a August Saturday morning getting past Silver Dollar City. After sittin' still through 5 cycles of the light at 465 and 76, I called Mike and cancelled and drove over the concrete median and turned around.


Pics would just have to wait, but it did look as as the bike was being ridden.


Then again, it may have been sittin' out by the pavilion since IRIP. Maybe he'll tell us.

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Shit fire and a red assed mule!



Yessir, I found it hard to believe............................


Didn't think about takin' the pic till we were gone..........................

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Threw you there didn't I? Probably have put 2000 miles on it this summer. 1500 of those are more than likely due to old vets, kids, grandmothers, and first timers who either remember Indians or like them. Oldest person I ever took was 94. His sons had to lift him onto the back and away we went. Have done a lot of connecting with people over the years because of that little bike. And don't even get me started on the POW....


It was great to see you both. I was hoping you would make it by the cruise that night. Thanks again for swinging by.

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