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Incredible, more than 100 more visitors than any other day ever and it's only noon time. I don't care if people like or hate the new Scout, it's great for all of us to have this much talk about an Indian.


Thanks Polaris for making something WAY new. I will own one for sure. Was on the road with 4 new Chiefs yesterday and visited a dealer. Good looking bikes but not something I HAD TO HAVE. This ones different. My Spirit's not going to sit in the barn because I always ride the new one but she sure will be only one of my two choices. Might even buy a Gilroy Scout this fall when the prices are down just so I have one to be able to have even more choices.

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Members Online Today: 836

Most members ever online in one day was 836, last accomplished on 03 Aug 2014.

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I want to ride. :sleep3:

Hey Pete?! I was rocking the red and white Indian MC bandana last nite at the reveal. Steve M remembered the Iron Indian Roders from Branson 2011!


Now if HNUT would just post the photo ..... ??? Steve. .... ???

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