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Eddie Mitchell The Globetrotter Indian Motorcycle Tour 1925

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Hello. My grandfather was Eddie Mitchell, The Globetrotter. He was paid by Indian Motorcycles in 1925 to go on a a tour across the United States traveling 15000 miles in 4 months. He was on an 1915 Indian Prince Motorcycles. My family and I are looking for the lost scrapbook that was in the possession of his wife (my step grandmother) upon is death in the 1980's. She moved to Colorado we believe. There have been photos published in Dad's Cycle Magazine so we know it is out there some where as well as a photo of my grandfather on his bike in a Boulder, Colorado restaurant.


I'm posting on this forum to see if any one has by chance heard of my grandfather or by slim chance seen photos from or know of the scrapbook. Thank you for your help!


My mother is his daughter.


Thank you for your time,

Whitney Porch-VanHeuvelen

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. Also contact the Antique Motorcycle Association of America




Might want to check in on this forum: These guys are very knowledge able concerning old motorcycle stuff




WARNING: Be advised if you have a post Springfield Indian, do not go on this website and expect the tolerance and love you experience here! This warning is not directed towards you Ms Porch-VanHeuvelen, we have some knowitall knuckle heads on here that may get their feelings hurt f they go on this site proclaiming their bike is superior to everyone else's.

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