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Samson Pipes Stay Away!

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I posted this info on another forum. Just wanted to pass it on to you here.




I ordered a set of pipes for my classic back in April. So far I have not received them. Here is my history with the company:



30 April


ordered pipes.

5 May 2014


Told they were being chromed

28 May 2014


Told they were on a truck

5 Jun 2014 T


old they were on back order not available. Web site mentions
nothing of this

1 July 2014


Put on hold for 10+ min, called back sent to a voice mail. I left my call back #. No call back.

2 July 2014


Told to call back in 10 min to speak to a representative
(Barbara) Still was not available.


9 July 2014


Called again today before I call my CC company.

Didn't tell them that I needed to check on my refund status. I told them that I wanted to check on my order.

After about 5 min of dead silence (she could not find my order I bet) she came back on the phone and said "I am showing that the pipes are due back from chrome today". lmao come on...

I then told her I was actually calling for my money back. She was the same person I talked to before that told me that she would refund me.

Now she says that the person that does the refund is out to lunch and she will have "him" (in the beginning she said SHE) call me back. He never called.


11 July


Reported them to my bank.


23 July


As I was taking my morning glory and browsing the internet I found this.


I haven't made a rip off report yet. But till this day no word from samson exhaust. I filed a complaint with my bank and I am still waiting for my refund.



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Thanks for this. They were one of the ones WAS considering. freedom Exhaust is top of my list right now (though I do like my stock pipes with the mods I've made to them...)

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I think we should all call them and ask them a dozen questions, making them THINK we're buyers. After a few days, they'll get the point!

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I had a set years ago....blued on me, poor welds...swore would never buy another set. Might be fine for a chopper or rat bike where you can reweld or wrap pipes in pipecloth....but were not worth the money for an Indian in my opinion....and told you all to RUN AWAY from Samson when the pipe threads first started.

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