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Women and the outlaw biker

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Outlaw motorcycle gangs are male dominated and highly chauvinistic. Women are treated as playthings and property. Women are generally victimized by forcing them into prostitution or street level drug traffickers, and quite often physically and sexually abused. In the outlaw biker's society women are bought, sold, traded or given away within the club.


Selling drugs in the mid 1960's teaches the outlaw biker the basics of supply and demand. When they learn men pay to rent the empty space between a woman's leg, they put their women to work. In the violent, profit-oriented society inhabited by the outlaw biker, that's all a woman is - a hole, a piece of property to rent or trade.


Women take up with outlaw bikers for different reasons: some are hungry, some need a warm place to stay, and others feel safe in a crowd. While outlaw bikers abduct and rape many women, most attach themselves voluntarily to the club and everything it stands for - drugs, alcohol, parties, fast bikes and cars, cheap thrills and sex. Horny women want endless sex every way it comes, the club becomes their outlet. Rebellious teenagers who strike back at their parents numb their minds with drugs and screw their brains out on the clubhouse floor. Bored business women take a walk on the wild side with macho men who lead dangerous, exiting lives. Women without education become somebody when they attach themselves to respected and feared outlaw bikers. Shiftless girls like the freedom from responsibility. The unloved and homeless confuse sex with affection and cherish the arms that hold them.


A woman's main value to an outlaw biker, aside from sexual gratification is daily income. She must give all her money to her old man. Bikers put their women to work in massage parlors, topless bars, cocktail lounges and strip clubs. Most are covers for prostitution. Prostitution is the bikers' most lucrative source of income after drugs.


Another area where the women are used effectively is intelligence gathering. They will go into the community and take jobs at city, county and state offices where they have access to blank birth certificates, drivers licenses and other useful documentations. Other areas of employment the women will seek is that of police records clerk, telephone operators, employees in welfare offices and position within prison institutions. They will even sleep with cops to compromise them or gather intelligence. Women of motorcycle gangs mainly fall into three categories:


Mama or Sheep - A mama is the sexual equivalent of a public well. Anyone can dip into her, at any time, as often as he wants. These are woman who belong to the club at large. They belong to every member and are expected to consent to the sexual desires of anyone at anytime. They perform menial task around the clubhouse, however do not attend club meetings. Some clubs permit these women to wear .. colors" with the inscription "Property of (club name)", embroidered on the back.


Old Lady - These are the wives or steady girlfriends of club members. An old lady is the property of one biker and can't be used or abused by other club members. An old lady is not a club member and like sheep are not permitted to attend club meetings. They also will in some clubs wear "Property of" colors; however, with the name of the biker she belongs to on the bottom rocker.


Broad - A female who's sole use is being used as a sexual object. This would be similar to the way most men view one night stands. A common method of bikers is to pick up a female hitchhiker, gang rapes her and then toss her aside.


Women are always helping the outlaw biker to get ahead. An example - several Hell's Angels have their old ladies turn tricks in topless bars in North and South Carolina. The bars are near military bases and the old ladies get all the weapons the club needs. The Cleveland Chapter got three light antitank weapons (LAW) rockets through their old ladies. Other chapters have gotten .45 caliber pistols and hand grenades from their women.


Courtesy of the Conneticut State Police Gang activities Group


Sheep Dip anyone?

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What the heck?? These guys just reprinted Sonny Barger's Autobiography or what??


It was like I was reading it a second time.

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This sounds like some of my favorite movies of all time--Reefer Madness, and Cocaine Fiends.  

    But then, forcing my wife into prostitution to finance all my illicit motorcycle purchases sounds like a great idea, except that she'd probably find some Don Juan DeMarco and I wouldn't be able to afford a bike.....


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My wife said this would be Ok; but did not think I could get more then 25 cents a pop  :charger:

:rotfl:  :rotfl:  :rotfl:


Think about it, though, it only costs about $6 to fill up yer scoot- them quarters add up :eyebrow:

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