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Helmets Left Behind

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Trailered the scoot down to Panama city Fla yesterday. Took advantage of their helmet law, to leave the brain buckets in the hotel, and cruise around with the wind in our hair. Really nice, not having that lid on in 90 degree weather, stop n go traffic.


Makes me wonder just how much of their motorcycle tourism is affected by the law.


Having experienced it myself, I am sure a lot of peeps must make the trip specifically to ditch the lid.

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Yep, one of the main points made prior to Michigan's recent repeal of our old helmet law that dated from 1969.


Took us 40 some years, but ABATE finally won out.


2wheel tourism has grown here ever since.

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A person should be able to decide if he wants to wear a helmet when they ride. When I have the choice, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Seeing Dr. Mark doing cartwheels down the fucking road in front of me at 40 MPH and Jimbo provided me with what we call in my trade, "Aversion Therapy", still I like to have a choice and think any grown person should be allowed a choice. I own no guns, mainly because I don't want to wind up on Western Avenue in Raleigh in a red leisure suit (Central Prison, Death House). I feel anyone who is legally entitled to do so should own every fucking gun they want. Same with anything that involves personal choice the gubbermint should fuck off.

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