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Valerie and I did some reconnoitering in the Edge last week in Mt. Rainier National Park. For those of you thinking about some summer riding in the Great Wet Pacific Northwest, specifically in and around Mt. Rainier National Park, please be aware that while all the roads in to and out of the park are open, the Nisqually Entrance to Longmire and Paradise has some road construction resulting in single lane traffic and delays. Paradise Valley Road is still closed and will probably not open until mid-July. The road to Sunrise is still closed and the Park Service anticipates opening it before the July 4th weekend.


Paradise still has a good 10' of snow on the ground but the parking lot is completely clear. There was record snowfall on the mountain but the roads are passable.


Thanks to Maldev for some great photography advice earlier this year . . . I'm still learning, but here are some results . . .





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Nice pics Tallrider! I'm going to be in WA next month definitely going to Rainier. I'll be shooting up to Sunrise from 410 for some breath taking views? I've never been and so look forward to it!

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