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Thanks For The Help

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I just want to thank everyone for the help when the T3t conked out on me Friday nite,and to Mike and Dave I believe for the rescue on 65 highway only about 30 miles from the ralley.


I had alot of suggestions why it wouldn't start, from out of gas to a busted crank and more. Pulling the new outer primary and spacing it out with a small washer unbound the starter, and it ran like a champ all the way home.


Thanks again...2 blackbelts

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glad you got it going man....and great the sense of family when someone needs help here. may fight like cats and dogs some times but when it comes to a push....everyone will help out as much as possible.

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Glad to hear bud. I never had the chance to introduce you to another rider from Jeff City as you had already left out. Maybe next year the 2 of you can come down together.


The driver's name for the tow vehicle was Dave - our own beloved BONMYI.

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Yup, that was me !


Glad I was able to meet you and,

ta help you out on your final miles to IRIP and,

that you were able to sort out your problem with your

T3 and, to make your way back home OK..

Man, that scoot looks awsome.. :ooh2:


Lookin forward to next years adventures ! !





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