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Down East, March 2014

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Thanks for sharing KenB..

I share some of the same senses and experiences as you while I was riding from Gilroy to Indian Point a few times...

Truly enjoyed your blog!

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Pretty cool Ken.... very little whining... did you write this... :grin:

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Very inspired here, as this is something I have been wanting to do the last couple years, and alas, my wife just said " you should go for it " let the planning begin :moped::grin:


Well worth the trip.


I had put off going because I thought IRIP was just another biker rally. In short, it isn't. This was the most fun I've had at a rally.


Great time. Great people. The wife says she will go with me next year.

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I'm getting ready for a trip out west.. leaving Monday - only 9 days as I have to be home in time for some event the wife has planned.


I went through the first episode of the adventure today ... I got new tires at my new local Indian dealer, and when I got my bike back I found that the key fob was broken. I called the dealer about it, and they had me come in. The service manager literally called me a liar and suggested that I had deliberately broken my own fob (why?). I've complained to the dealer GM... we'll see how that goes.


The adventures never end I guess.

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