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Back Where It All Began...

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Damn that clip of "On any Sunday" brought me back, found an old photo circa 1970, I was 9 years old and riding by beloved Honda 50, my dad bought it used for $50 bucks and gave it to me for my 8th birthday. The bars were a bit bent, the pipes were loud, no lights, but damn it went 30 mph and it was mine.

I rode that damn thing about every day all summer. all day. Amazing by today's standards, a 9 years old out in the sticks, no helmet, no eye protection, no boots no nothing, just the wind and some nice dirt trails. as long as I was back for dinner :) Grew up with young hippie parents back then, if it were now they probably would have placed me in state custody.



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Coool beans ! !


Those we're neat lil bikes,

was always fun ta watch kids race mini's..




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Plenty of people here should be in state custody. Just saying.


You made me think of my mini-bike, a Kawasaki, cant remember the model. You brought back good times I haven't thought of in years. Thanks!

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