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Bath man arrested after allegedly using machete in attempted robbery, chased by man with sword

By Beth Brogan, BDN Staff
Posted April 16, 2014, at 3:03 p.m.
Courtesy of the Bath Police Department
Jason Mitchell

BATH, Maine — Police on Monday arrested a 32-year-old man who allegedly used a machete-like weapon in an attempted robbery.

Jason Mitchell of Bath was charged with felony robbery and burglary after police executed a search warrant at his home, Bath police Lt. Robert Savary said Wednesday.

A Court Street resident reported April 5 that Mitchell had entered his home “armed with a machete or meat cleaver-type weapon,” Savary said.

He added that although a bandana covered the man’s face, the resident and others in the home at the time identified him as Mitchell.

One man inside the home “armed himself with a sword” and confronted Mitchell, Savary said. The man pursued Mitchell but never caught him.

Officers searched the area without success.

On Monday afternoon, Officer Shawn Cavanaugh executed a search warrant at Mitchell’s home and allegedly found evidence linking him to the crime.

Savary said police believe Mitchell was looking for drugs when he attempted to rob the house.

“We’re not sure if he got the wrong place or bad information, but we believe he was going in to steal drugs that the [residents] claim were not there,” Savary said.

Mitchell also was wanted on a Sagadahoc County District Court warrant for unpaid fines for operating after suspension, according to Savary.

Mitchell was taken to Two Bridges Regional Jail and is being held on $20,650 cash bail, according to a jail official. He is scheduled to appear in Sagadahoc County Superior Court on May 28.


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We're all born ignorant , however you really have work at remaining stupid

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We're all born ignorant , however you really have work at remaining stupid

Yes, But some do a very good job of it...

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About 96% of them out there ( that number seems to get higher as I age)

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