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Summer Is Almost Here... Beware Of Beach Balls

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WENDELL, N.C. - The North Carolina State Highway Patrol said a multiple vehicle accident Saturday involving motorcycles closed the eastbound lanes of U.S. 64 near Wendell.

The Highway Patrol said as many as 15 motorcycles were involved in the accident which occurred between Edgemont Road and Lizard Lick Road before noon. As many as 60 bikes were estimated to be in the group, the Highway Patrol said.

A total of seven people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. One motorcyclist is suffering from serious injuries, according to the Highway Patrol.

A motorcyclist identifying herself as Sweetnezz said some of the injuries included possible broken bones, road rash, and a head injury.

"A car in front of us threw a pink beach ball out in the middle of the charity ride," Sweetnezz said. "Brakes locked up and about 10 bikers went down."

The Highway Patrol said it believes the ball may have been in a boat being towed when it was blown into the road.

The group was on a ride to Goldsboro raising money to fight lupus.

U.S. 64 is back open to traffic.

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I've come to avoid group rides. Bunch of rubs with little saddle time, and no experience riding in groups, add cages that don't feel they need wait for the group to pass; just try to push through- plus the group doesn't allow for the cages: they somehow feel the rule of the road no longer applies to them, just because they are in a group event...


I do miss my former riding club, we rode close, and you knew each others abilities.

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Follow the leader is my least favorite game.

I own a motorcycle because I like to ride.

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