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New Ohio Indian Dealership

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I just came home from visiting Iron Pony in Westerville, Ohio since they're the latest dealer for Indian in my area. With all the talk of the new bikes and especially since I hadn't seen one in the flesh yet, I thought I'd take a little trip today. Iron Pony has been around for many years and started as an accessory supplier but several years ago bought an old WalMart building and it is completely filled from wall to wall with motorcycles and accessories. It's literally a WalMart for motorcycles only. Although they already sell Victory motorcycles, they're adding an extensive addition to the building for both Victory and Indian. Really cool place to visit and with the weather being nice for a change, it was a busy place today. Lots of bikes, including a maroon S&S Indian Chief in the parking lot.


Anyway, they have seven 2014 Indians there including a numbered blue Classic (#154), along with a red and a black classic, two red Vintages and one blue Vintage and one red Chieftain. They had the bikes in two locations in the store and there was quite a crowd around them with lots of questions the whole time I was there. I thought the salesman was pretty knowledgeable about the bikes....knew the specs, backrest problems, heel shifter concerns, and other topics we discuss here on the forum. We discussed two-tone paint schemes and he also mentioned there will soon be another Indian dealer in the Akron-Canton area and another in Dayton.


I've been thinking about a new black Vintage so, I couldn't help myself and asked about trading in my Gilroy. He said no problem and he's expecting more bikes (including black) within the next couple weeks. We'll see what happens once the weather breaks for good......if I can wait that long. :love:

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