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Myrtle  beach..help!!!

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I am in Myrtle...sans bike...Unfortunatley.


But can Remedy that!!


!st  timer in these  parts....


Any recommendations???


Anybody here??


Thank you in advance for Your support!!!!


Signed   "Trapped" ..... NAME THE SPOT

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hey porkchop

I just made it home about 4 this morning from working out of town, but hell yea give me a call we'll do some riding and I'll show ya around the country.

843-493-2276 home

or call ginger at work and she'll find me if I'm not here.


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sorry I was out of town all week but give me a heads up next time and we'll hook up. fixin to head to greenville right now for a few days.

Roger that. Will do! 1st time there. Beautiful Country.

Skid Lids not required.

Will be back soon!!!


Thanks, Jim

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you only saw the outskirts. theres some beautiful parks and back roads to ride and see with spanish moss hanging from the trees and lillie coverd swamps. norman rockwell stuff.

come on out to the house and we'll fire up the model A, throw a couple fishing rods in the back seat and ride around to the pond. slay a few brim and bass while tossing down a few cold ones. life is good.

maybe even split a little oak,build a fire and get out he cast iron pot, throw a chicken in and some rice. brock and gonzo can tell ya about the pit cooked chicken and rice.

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i just got back from illinois Porkchop...sorry to have missed you.  hell, I did not even have time to drive an hour to chicago and meat Catfish again....  this working for a living sucks...hahahaha
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