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1922 Indian Road Trip

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This is a great story of 4 friends riding Indians from PA to Oregon in 1922. You had to be tough back then. The story starts on Page 24 of this issue.



Awesome... puts a LOT of things in perspective ... These guys are busting their asses to do 50-150 miles a day , etc. Whe had a guy in my group that whined the whole way to/from Sturgis this year... you know.. his back.. we needed more stops, don't go so fast, , etc, etc. I need to print this story out, just for him :)

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Funny stuff Rick.


One thing I noticed when I first read this in 2011 was they refered to the Indians as "machines". Ever since then I use machine interchangeably with motorcycle.

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great read...wonder how much was not included in his diary as he hit the high points... certainly makes worrying about clearcoat, paint, alarms and locking saddlebags seem unimportant when you are worrying about making the next destination with nothing in between stops other than your own experience and resourcefulness to keep you going.


Great little snippet of adventure...

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