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Mexico's president visits chicago

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Wily Like a Fox:

Mexico's President Visits Chicago

By Robert Klein Engler

Jun 18, 2004


CHICAGO--One of the enemies of the United States visited the city today while on a tour of the Midwest.  The president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, came to the windy city and huffed and puffed about more rights for illegal immigrants.  Some say the only good thing about this state visit by Fox to Chicago is that he is one of the few Mexicans now in the city legally.


Chicago, with the second largest Mexican community in the United States, was hardly blown over by this visit from Fox.  Just imagine Fox standing next to Mayor Daley, and Chicagoans have an opportunity to see two men who want to waste their tax dollars.  Fox also pressured Mayor Daley and the governor of Illinois to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants from Mexico.


After their meeting, Mayor Daley proclaimed 2004 as the year of Mexico in Chicago.  The mayor said that Chicago is ''a city of immigrants,'' seemingly oblivious to the fact that most of these immigrants came to the city legally and that 19th Century ideas about immigration do not fit 21st Century conditions.  Maybe the mayor thinks that a wind from south of the border will blow away the charges of corruption that are swirling now around City Hall and his administration


The stated reason for Fox's visit to Chicago is to celebrate the opening of a new and larger Mexican Consulate here.  The real reason Fox is here is to rally the troops, those ''mexicanos del norte,'' to invade and occupy even more United States territory.  For that very reason, Chicagoans do not need a larger Mexican Consulate in the city, but a larger detention center to hold illegal immigrants, instead


No longer satisfied with visiting the captured territory along the U. S. southern border, Fox came to visit the new Mexican colonies in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit.  There he will fly the Mexican flag and extend Mexican sovereignty over areas of these northern U. S. cities. According to the Chicago newspaper , "Mexicans living in Chicago have high hopes for this visit by Fox. The entire community is anxiously awaiting news regarding a possible immigration agreement between Mexico and the United States President Fox has been pushing for such an agreement, using all means at his disposal.


Fox needs to extend Mexico's colonies in the United States because these colonies prop up by remittance, or money sent back, the Mexican economy and the upper class Mexicans who keep him in power.  According to Javier Lizarzaburu of the BBC News, ''Remittances from Mexicans in the U. S. have become one of Mexico's most important sources of income--second only to oil and surpassing the traditional tourism industry.''


Of course, the mainstream press in Chicago did not report this side of Fox's visit. Instead, the newspaper ran as its lead story for the morning of June 16, ''U.S. Hostage Given 72 Hours to Live.''  The newspaper buried the story about the visit of Fox to the city, ignoring perhaps this greater threat to U.S. sovereignty and security. ;Could there be anything more discouraging to the hard working, legal citizens of Chicago than a visit by the wily Fox from Mexico?  I suppose it could be a visit by French President Jacques Cirac.


Robert Klein Engler lives in Chicago. He is an adjunct professor at Roosevelt University.

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What the fuck is he doing in America? Its bad enough that he is Harvard educated 9whats wrong Mexico doesnt have good colleges?) , He's against every policy the United States has and yet , he comes to America to beg !


Fuck him and all his broccli pickers over here illegaly!

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I'm glad they are here.


I don't want to pick broccoli.


Or clean my own house...


Thanks, Danny

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