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Who Remembers Daddy-G?

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Daddy-G was a regular here after the shutdown of the Gilroy factory.....during that time he wrote a few songs about Indian Motorcycles, the Iron Indian Riders Association and the Lone Wolves. His most recent update to the site:


**UPDATE** 02/05/2013
Been awhile since I've been up here. Always interesting to hear how these songs are aging. Not bad, eh? Still riding my Chief. Still running strong as I ride between the raindrops up here in Oregon. Still playing with Tony Rae & Common Ground, although we had a change in personnel that have slowed us down a bit. The 2nd group above morphed into a new project we call Sonic Bent. You can check us out here:
Haven't been too active with the Indian newsgroups, lately, but I do check in every now & then. Seems like lots of new faces, and familiar ones as well.
If you stop by, drop a note. Be good to hear from you.



Many of our old time members are mentioned in the songs including Lumpy....check out his website and listen to the words of the songs and get in touch with some of our history.





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Some body should call him and see if he can make it to Branson

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i remember him. made it into one of hus songs too.

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yeah wasnt yours about the infamous rear swing arms or something... :)

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Hey Guys!

Let me first say thanks to Brock for my exhumation :grin:


Good to see familiar names, and old freinds. Hope ya'll are doing well. There was a stretch where I wasn't visiting at all, but I come up from time to time these days to see what's going on. News of the Thunderstroke (and Brock's note) brought me back this time. Interesting reading through that huge thread; kinda reminded me of the PP threads oh so long ago. Hard to believe all the changes that have happened since the days of Gilroy. Cool story...about 8 months ago I was gassing up the Chief right off of I-5, (right where you stayed here, Mike) and this guy walked over and asked me what serial # it was. He was part of Gilroy production and had worked on my bike, and was heading south, going home. The Chief's been pretty trouble free now going on 11 yrs or so , so I didn't give him any shit about Gilroy QC :rasp:


Yea...it was definitely the rear swing arm incident that Maldev had. Mplate's in that one too, with the incident on the Washington coast. I was heading up there to meet and ride him through Oregon...but that didn't quite work out. Still got the opportunity to knock one back with him, as you can see above. That was quite the summer.


We definitely party up here in Eugene...especially during those glass blowing conventions. Whadayawant would know about that. :grin:

I'm staying busy with the music. Got three projects going; a straight ahead jazz quartet, Blues/Latin/jazz 5 piece, and a rock your socks off foursome doing ABB, Doors, Beatles, Dead, and lots of originals. No IIRA tunes though :no:


The Chief's been rock solid with no major issues for at least 4-5 years. Probably shouldn't say that out loud. Riding season's here, and I just had a riding buddy relocate back to Eugene, so think I'll be doing a fair amount this season.


I'd love to make it to IRIP one of these days. It's on my bucket list.


Ride safe, guys.

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