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The Future Of The Internal Combustion Engine

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free valve system. does away with camshafts.

because of the mpg and power increase, it really seems the most practical next step for the internal combustion gas engine.

I know they've been playing around with this in F1 racing cars for awhile now. but it looks like it could now possibly go into production.

kinda interesting


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Amazing video, buy the stock now!



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Engine can't run without oil pressure. That's good. These will continue to evolve until the valves are as tuneble as an EFI and just as easy. A high performance engine IS the cam. With this, you can have a high performance engine at the flick of a switch or just pressing your foot on the go pedal. The amount of performance is then only restricted by the amount of air and fuel you can move thru the engine.

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With a cam shaft mechanically you are safe from having a valve contact the piston unless you drop a valve for some reason, or it skips timing and gets them out of synch so what kind of assurance is there that this will not happen with this technology? I wish they would have run the engine in the video.

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The 4 strokers we know today sure run good, look at NASCAR and the Formula motors. But, a motor that has a piston start and stop four times during one cycle is really very inefficient. Thus the rotary was born. Me thinks the rotary will reign supreme someday, or something near like it. Think about it. Like hasbin says, your mileage may vary. :rock:

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