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Need Help Finding The Name Of A Movie

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this is probably a really long shot, but I barely remember a movie I saw when I was a wee lad. It could have been released anywhere up till the late 80's. Not sure if its from the 60's or the 70's, but I'm guessing late 70's.

I've been asking people for the last few weeks and they all look at me like I'm crazy (imagine that).


I remember the plot revolved around a motorcycle cop in a small town circa 50's or 60's, but he was kind'of a bad cop. I remember a scene where he was drinking in uniform and threw his beer bottle on the side walk.

the movie also was about a serial killer that lived outside of town (I think) and had been killing hitchhikers over a couple decades, and would bury them near his house.

I remember the bad cop stumbled onto the guys property and was snooping around. The killer killed the cop and buried him with his police harley motorcycle together.

at the end of the movie, 10 or so years later, somebody (investigator?) was looking around on the killers property and was walking or being chased through some brush and he tripped on the now partially exposed handlebars that where sticking out of the ground. and that is how they caught the killer and solved the mystery.


This is literally all I remember of the movie.

anybody have any ideas?



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From the wiki page on Chiefs...

" Watts is wary lest the increasingly powerful man discover his true identity. Yet Watts, too, uncovers the truth of Funderburke's guilt. On Funderburke's land, having looked in vain for evidence of the crimes, one of the men accompanying Watts trips over the jutting handlebar of Sonny's buried motorcycle. As the men begin digging up the dirt with their bare hands, Funderburke goes for his shotgun, wounds Watts, and then is immediately shot to death himself, thus escaping a public reckoning for four decades of murders."

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"Chiefs" was filmed right up the road from me in Chester SC. It was a big deal here. Almost as big as when they filmed "The Patriot". But I'm just name dropping now. Both were great movies.

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thanks 5gear and cd99!!!!!

how crazy is it that the name is "chiefs"!!!!!

I was probably about 10 when I saw it and for some reason those couple of parts just stuck with me. I'm gonna buy it. I hope it has held up well.


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