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One Reason Not To Get Hard Bags

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I have to hand it to that guy, just pops right up and walks away with a smile.

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Yup, bounces up, puts his hands in his pockets and strolls over to the photographer, like, nothing happened.


Tomorrow morning, however, he IS gonna to be feelin' it.

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Gosh Guys, do you think crash bars myt have helped?


I've seen a few of these in person ~ broken arms and or legs are common on crashes like this.


This vid is probably the most graphic, best quality filmwise and I'm glad the rider wasn't greased.


The rider was fortunate to take the brunt of the crash on his hip and not have his head hit the dirt.


Yeah he'll be hurtin' and bruised ~ as far as luck goes he's on a streak and needs to buy Powerball Ticky.


Hope he had insurance...maybe the lowering kit was a bad idea afterall?

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