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100% American Made Wool Outdoor Clothing And Gear...

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Rob started Classic Bowman and Classic Sportsman and has been working for years to get it up and running. Every corner he met blockages with loss of American mills that still provide quality wool.....the ability to make small orders and putting quality above anything else. I bought one of his first wool lightweight shirts....wore it this year a few times already and it is exceptional craftsmanship.


If you remember the old days of Filson, Woolrich and others making clothing for outdoorsmen and sportsmen....then this is your place. He just got his website up and running and the prices are very good for the quality he provides...




He mostly is catering to traditional bowhunters but anyone that loves the feel and warmth of wool and realize it is truly an all-weather garment should check him out.




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Not cheap, but then quality American made stuff never is (See also, motorcycles, Indian).


I really like those vests.

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i need quiet clothing that is warm even when wet....and have tried to keep away from the synthetics...they pick in briars and thickets....shine when light hits them...and when wet dont keep you that warm. I have some old Woolrich...and bought some more that were sewn in Thailand since it was two heavy jackets for the price of 1/2 of one...and they were just going to be destroyed if nobody bought them. I got to say though...Robs stuff is very nice and have been very happy. I think I will be getting a vest for the mornings it is in 30s down here. Last week wore a pair of woolrich pants in charcoal gray....my shirt from Rob.....one of the woolrich jackets on outside....stocking cap (Indian) and my LL Bean guide boots.....and a pair of old glove liners from the military..the green wool ones with fingers cut out for pulling my bow string.....it was 37 when I got in woods at 5am.....and was comfy.


I think the only Made in USA plaid wool Filson makes any more is a single wool red plaid vest....everything else is solid colors or more modern designs or for bird hunting...everything else is overseas. I think Woolrich still operates one of the oldest original mills in America but most of the garments are sewn/assembled overseas.


I hope Rob makes a success of it even if he has to stay a small niche business. Filson and Woolrich shirts are $135-160....same for vests....and his are very close and American made. Plus I like the colors he has for hunting....short of you talking MG into cutting, chewing and sewing some buckskins for you....hard to find anything else. LOL

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short of you talking MG into cutting, chewing and sewing some buckskins for you....hard to find anything else. LOL


LOL....that ain't happening. She only shoots 'em and eats 'em. Sewing R not her.


Man, I do like this one...



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that dont stop your sheep fetish! :rauch08:

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