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anyone near minneapolis that is a hunter that would be willing to possibly go pick up a bow for me and ship to my address? I found a vintage bow I want but seller wont ship.....so trying to find someone in area that would be willing to do it for me. Trying my traditional archery friends first...but if no luck need someone there in area...I would send a box to put it in if needed.


PM me if possible interest.


I will send you the money and you make the transaction in person with the guy....thanks.

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Pm me Brock

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Thanks Prof O...I think I got it covered but will PM you if anything changes if you dont mind.....anyhow I talked to old guy that has bow last night....think I have him agreeable to shipping to me now. I talked to him about being a veteran and old vintage bows to hunt with...he softened. Can call off the troops...thanks buddy.

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