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Texas pow-wow, retrospect

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The First Texas Pow Wow was last weekend and I was amazed, at the turn out considering it was not tagged to a regional event, 20+ bikes made the trip south in the Lone Star state, we had riders from the IRG, the IIRA and Renagades as well as some independents.


I got to meet a lot of great folks, and ride with the best of the best in my book.


Our lunch ride to Blackbeards went off with out a hitch,  thanks to the help of Jim, John, Jerry, Ike and Dwight, the group left and arrived together, and with 22 bikes that's not an easy task.


Special Thanks to the waitress at Blackbeards for judging the bike show, no way was I gonna be responsible for picking out the top three.


After lunch it was off to Knuckleheads, a rumored Harley hang out, well some folks will say that there wasn't any Harleys there cause they don't like to get their chrome wet, but I have it on good authority that once the word got out that Indians were taking over the Island they all headed north.


Fri. and Sat. night found Indian owners enjoying each others company at Virgina's and Castaways for dinner and drinks, not to mention viewing the response of others to what amounted to a whole tribe of Indians in the parking lots.


Now for the untold story, Rosie needed to be pushed, from a Harley dealership no less, Miles had some one steal the air out of his rear tire, (probably one of them sneaky spirit riders), Boomer was buying stock in an oil company till the bike said no more, Robert's Scout was around so many Chiefs that it started making funny noises too, One brother had the rear axel take a dump on the way in, but still made it to dinner, and me well after I said goodby to Rosie and Robert on the way home my battery gave up the ghost in Austin.


I did get a little nervouse Sat evening when I saw all the Squaws getting together, good help us if Darlene, Rita, Kathy, Barbara and the other fine Indian ladies ever decide to start taking scalps...LOL.


I had a great time, and extend my thanks to all that helped make it a great weekend, and while I have no doubt that we'll all hook up again before the years over, after this last weekend it is clear that the "Texas Indian Summer Pow Wow" will become an annual event.


I'll be posting a link later in the week for the Pictures. Dang Dial up takes forever to download.

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