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Damn thats better than Apple my best performing stock.


I snagged Apple and Polaris a few months ago... enjoying this ride! Would be bragging rights if the other stocks in the mix weren't pigs ;(

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I wonder how much room Polaris has to grow.. Still may snap some up!


I can't help but believe that as we move towards next summer .. this sucker is going break through 3 digits... may sell my NTAP stock that has been holding me back and flip it over there....

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Hell I have 3 full drawers of socks























Ohhhh, You were talkin "stocks" carry-on, Got a couple AMGEN & Phizer a few years back (they have split 3 times since) :nod:

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Hell I have 3 full drawers of socks...........


Got me .. made me go look at my post to at lead dbl check spelling...


Any great stories I have on stocks were put to pasture the last 4 years... but I've been watching Polaris for 18 mos... I had a gut feeling to buy in when they snagged Indian from Stellican.... should have then vs earlier this year.. and I'd have bragging rights in that case..... but I am enjoying the ride ( pun intended )

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