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Fund Raising For My New Garage..

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Over the last few months I've been selling off much of my stuff, few motorcycles, cars, and just things I don't use anymore. All to save up to build myself my own garage so I can stop renting a shop. I have one things for sale now that is a little less common and I figured I'd post it here to see if anyone would be interested in it.


This is a 1951 Toro Sportlawn 21 inch gas reel mower. Not your average shape one.. I spent a winter a here and there putting it together just to get away from anything to do with motorcycles.


Its got a couple nicks and scratches here and there from being moved around the garage for a couple years, but looks very well still. The engine is fully rebuild with NOS Briggs piston +.020" and valves. Has a new gas tank so there is no rust or liner issues. The blades have been sharpened properly and have not cut a blade of grass sense. The only things missing from it is the throttle and clutch control cables and one chain cover. I have looked into making the cables, but moved onto other projects. Would make a great display piece or get cables and use it.


The before -



And after -









I have it listed on Ebay (figured it would be the best way to get it to the masses)





Thanks everyone!

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