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how is spirit lake doing the vin tags?


are they numbering them, like I'm ass-u-me ing kings mountain did them?

honestly, I dont even know. I mightve read on here once that they did.


micmac? is yours number 2 in the vin anywhere?

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how is spirit lake doing the vin tags?





My '13 LE ends with xxxxxxxx00008 .. Nowhere does it say 8 of 35 , .. #8 .. or anything like that ..

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so much for the keeping the two seperate.




Indian of Detroit was a stand alone dealer and sold just Indian Motorcycle in the begining, what they could sell that is.. Then they added Big Dog, Aprilia Scooters,and Victory. This was all before the sale of KM to Polaris. It's my personal opinion that if they did not start to sell other brands they would no longer be in business today. We all know how long it took just to sell the 09's.

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Your boy had # 97 at Spirit Lake Lake, and a Drifter


drifters.....polaris'essess..... km's......gilroys.....



all look the same







#44 looked good though :Cheers[1]:

woulda liked to met the owner.

didn't have time to hang around though

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